Collection s/s Seduction is an inspirational landmark sensuality and femininity of the woman as i caught it: seductive,mysterious and provocative,though released from any inhibition transposed female character.Lines are refined,highlighting the feminine silhouette shaped challenging,made of fine materials and combinations of silk and lace evoke envy around.The accessories put the value of luxury and feminine elegance!
Favorite colors are black,nude-rose and fuchsia-passion and combinations between them vibrates a mix of sensuality and energy!

Long dress
Seduction black
Seduction fuchsia passion
Seduction nude rose

Short dress
Desire black
Desire fuchsia passion
Desire nude
Dream black
Dream fuchsia passion
Dream nude rose
Fantasy green nude
Fantasy purple nude
Passion black
Passion fuchsia passion
Passion nude
Seduction black
Seduction fuchsia passion
Seduction nude rose
Sensual tulip black
Sensual tulip fuchsia passion
Sensual tulip nude rose

Desire skirt black
Desire skirt nude

Seduction shirt black
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Seduction t-body black
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