Josephine brand meet the need of loving beautiful modern woman,wrapped in femininity and elegance, a symbol of fashion.
Emblematic creations are distinguished by simplicity and good quality materials.It addresses those woman who exudes through every pore,sensuality and elegance.This is observed in all the choices she make.
This woman is a fan of luxury marking the most beautiful things in life! Is always the center of attention,with a strong personality opting for outfits that emphasize her femininity and sensuality!


Collection s/s Seduction is an inspirational landmark sensuality and femininity of the woman as i caught it: seductive,mysterious and provocative,though released from any inhibition transposed female character.Lines are refined,highlighting the feminine silhouette shaped challenging,made of fine materials and combinations of silk and lace evoke envy around.The accessories put the value of luxury and feminine elegance! 
Favorite colors are black,nude-rose and fuchsia-passion and combinations between them vibrates a mix of sensuality and energy!